Tuesday 19 April 2022

Khairy Jamaluddin: Selamat Jalan Romeo

was the lead single for Ramlah Ram's double platinum album Dangdut  which way back in 1994,  was a hot seller with more than 100,000  records sold.

The sooner Ismail Sabri demands for  the resignation  of  Khairy Jamaluddin,   the better it will be for the Prime Minister,  as the health minister could cause Ismail Sabri the Prime Ministership

Manis mulut berbisa
Hampirku terpedaya
Kiniku menyedari
Engkau pandai berpura

After failing to  convince the Parliment's special committee that the MySejahtera deal does not need  closer scrutiny,  we have this report.  READ :MySJ Requests Personal Data For MySejahtera User Support, MOH Approves Without Contract

If  the Prime Minister does not put a stop to this now,  it will only ignite talk that the Bersatu faction within UMNO is alive and kicking!!