Wednesday 27 April 2022

CAELY Holdings Bhd : Runaway (The Crime Story Version)

did not chart,  but was extremely popular due to the 1986 TV  series,  Crime Story, brought to Malaysians by the then hip TV3.  The original version , for the record gave Del Shannon his biggest hit,  peaking at number 1 in 1961.

IT'S been two weeks  since reports first surfaced that something  was  a  miss in garment  maker  Caely Holdings ,  a  Perak based  company.

All the action though comes from PENANG!!!  

And i wonder
what makes me stay
i’m a-walkin’ in the rain
tears are fallin’ and i feel the pain
watchin’ all the plays go by
some live and others die.

CAELY's  major shareholders , according to the Edge are READ: Louis Ng, Goh Choon Kim Fong Nyok Yoon and her husband.

I  AM not sure if either  NST, or STAR  has the know how or testicle's to nail this story without getting sued. 

 THE EDGE  certainly can,  and if they do,  this will be a serial  best seller and for sure a firm front runner for story of  the year as far as Corporate Malaysia is concerned.