Friday 29 April 2022

Malaysia Now overwhelmed by the Five Universal Law of Stupidity : Blind, Deaf & Mute!!!

is a song from ATREYU,  the American metal core or post hard core group who have eight albums our todate.
ARE Malaysians under attack from the five universal common law of  stupidity,   and have most of us fallen into the trap?

Blind, deaf, and dumb
Blind, deaf, and dumb
Blind, deaf, and dumb
Blind, deaf, and-
This shit's contagious like a fucking disease
Infecting every stupid person that's in front of me

A YEAR ago,  Malaysians were up in arms when the Rohingya  population wanted greater mobility, the right to work, which indirectly also comes with the right for housing,  education and free medical help
FAST forward  to now,  stupidness seems to have overwhelmed  us.  Instead of supporting the Home Minister, Hamzah Zainuddin, a vast Majority of  Malaysians have opted to believe ,  those snake merchants who peddle stupify .