Thursday 28 April 2022

Mysejahtera in The Mix : Apa Lagi Yang Tak Kena

is a hip hop  piece  by Rauzan Rahman,  Asnida Daud &  B  Heart,  that was released some three years ago.  The video managed to garner half a million views despite mutated publicity .

APA lagi yang tak kena  about the manner in which Khairy Jamaluddin is trying to pay the vendors of MySejahtera in a haste.?  SEMUA TAK KENA.

FOR starters is KPISOFT a Malaysian company  or are they a  Singaporean  company  with a Malaysian subsidiary?  Make your own conclusion after READ;

NOW  lets check KPISOFT/ENTEMO's  chairman  Finian Tan, who  used to report to  the Singapore Government.  FinianTan  in 1997, served as Singapore's Deputy Secretary of MITI.

Biar semua tahu, biar dia faham
Jangan lagi tanam, tiada lagi mampu
Jangan simpan dalam
Lepaskan semua tiada lagi salam
Apa lagi yang tak kena
Banyak bunyi ramai mengata

KHAIRY Jamaluddin    Why the hurry  ? READ: MOH Proposes Using MySejahtera As Dengue, Rabies, HFMD.

HOW many rabies cases are there in Malaysia  for Khairy to push this contract so the vendors of  the company  can get their hands on our money?

THE Prime Minister should step in .  Why ?  Well,  because  this could potentially become a major election issue. 

Ismail Sabri should stop Khairy Jamaluddin now before he too ends in the list of popular Prime Minister's, brought down by the populations dislike for Khairy Jamaluddin