Sunday 24 April 2022

ROHINGYA : Ghazal Untuk ..

is a song performed by Ical Mosh, which was released by the profilic hip hopper just under a  year ago.

AM i wrong ,  Malaysia is the only country in  the world ,where we collectively get bullied and played out by immigrants.

DESPITE being bullied and manipulated by Rohingyas,  we see ourselves as bullies and our law enforcement  as a bigger bully.

Ramai kaki tikam even takde keris
Ramai mintak peha even sudah bagi betis
Nak pergi Syurga tapi konon kau yang paling Iblis
Kau buat lagu kalau lirik kau pun orang tulis

HOME Minister Hamzah Zainuddin is doing an excellent job. READ : A UNHCR Card Does Not Mean You Can Stay here.   WHERE is the support for the minister? NONE.

WE keep our eyes shut in disbelieve  when we are told  READ : Migrants who enter Malaysia illegally ‘not poor’ says senior cop.

DAILY , we spend between RM25 and RM75 per Rohingya,  and , that we host  feed and shelter more Rohingya  immigrants, even if we combine all the other countries in South East Asia as a  single entity. 

UNHCR  people here must be having a ball daily with this numbers. READ : From 2005 to 2016, the UNHCR relocated an average 516 Rohingya refugees per year.

IN a sane country like Singapore, the Middle finger would have been given to the UNHCR.

WE have instead foolishly  kept our ears wide open to the following narratives. READ :

 People like this think that the Malaysian Government  can afford to spend  on integration alone,  some RM30  000 per refugees.

HELLO, the Malaysian Government's Job is  to take care of Malaysia  for Malaysians.  We are tired and fed up of Rohingyas , blue men from MARS  and  the UNHCR telling us what to do.