Sunday 10 April 2022

Annuar Musa & Kelajuan Internet di Tanah Air : Fantasi Bulan Madu

is from the Search's  third album, the hot seller Mentari Merah Di Ufuk Timur recorded in Singapore's Lion Studio and produced by M. Nasir.

COMMUNICATION Minister Annuar Musa fires a tweet,  which for laughs sake should get him a mark above 90 per cent in Prime Minister Ismail Sabri's report card . READ : Malaysia’s average mobile speeds now exceed 40Mbps 

Kutelan lautan bara
Bulan madu di awan biru
Tiada yang mengganggu
Bulan madu di atas pelangi
Hanya kita berdua
Mengecap nikmat cinta
Yang putih tak terbanding
QUESTION  is why is the minister using  a matrix  no longer used by the sane world to measure internet speed?

THE Okla Speed Test uses MEDIAN SPEED ,  while the Minister who is supposed to communicate uses the MEAN average speed. 

The Okla Speed Test using the MEDIAN SPEED has VIEW :  Malaysia at 25.72Mbps as of February 2022.

WHAT'S  the difference between  the MEDIAN  SPEED and the MEAN AVERAGE SPEED ?  Okla the global leader in internet testing, data and analysis states READ : Median is a measure that captures the typical user’s experience. In statistical terms, median is less likely to be influenced by outliers than mean is.