Saturday 24 February 2024

Coming Soon ; The Secret's of the Carrian Group

NAJIB Razak, has chosen the wrong time to go rogue against Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, because political players like Dr Mahathir, will be opting to go under the radar, and be on their best behaviour..

DAIM Zainuddin, was the first to learn what is it to go against a sitting Prime Minister, who knows how to use the powers vested with a Malaysian Prime Minister.

DAIM Zainuddin has got some serious, issues ,because READ : his wealth estimated to be RM843.32 million in 1984, would have placed him in the top three richest individual in the country, but will his tax returns support those claims?

DAIM also owned The Malaysian French bank, READ:  with Robert Kuok, who will play a vital role in covering for Daim's Peremba Boys..

DAIM Zainuddin and Tun Mahathir's problems, could get a lot more serious, when the Carrian Group saga is retraced.

SPECIFICALLY on what happened to the company's assests in China, Europe, and the USA, as well as what triggered the murder of READ ; Jail Ibrahim in Hong Kong, and the suicide of READ :John Wimbush, a former chairman of the Hong Kong Law Society and a senior partner of Hong Kong's oldest law firm, Deacon's..

THE questionable judge in the case, READ : Dennis Baker, would die disgraced by accident, supposedly.

FOR over SEVEN years now, the Central Intelligence Agency's briefing to the American President Ronald Reagan has been declassified READ : The CIA Comes Swinging Against Dr Mahathir over his secret role in the fall of Bank Bumiputra..