Tuesday 13 February 2024

The hidden secret behind Bernas Ten Year Agreement with the Federal Government.

THIS  is clearly a mess created by Muhyiddin Yassin and endorsed by his cabinet,  which includes Hishamuddin Hussein, Khairy Jamaluddin and Ismail Sabri.

A mess which has been brilliantly disguised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security at the expense of the Federal Government. READ : Mat Sabu Shoots down Sabah's plan to Import rice on its own, highlights Bernas role in stabilising rice price

I am not the first to state that the ministry has placed the interest of others ahead of the Federal Government. READ :Auditors General report states ministry has acted against the interest of the Federal Government.

SO, what is the little secret of BERNAS ten year concesssion with the Federal Government that is being burried from the eyes of THE MALAYSIAN  PUBLIC.

FORGIVE me for my language, but basically, these wankers (meaning BERNAS) are literally being paid for NOTHING, as the role of stabilising rice prices are NOW  100 per cent on the shoulders of the Federal Government.

COURTESY of The Edge, below is a snapshot of what LOKMAN reportedly disclosed ;;

LOKMAN  in the proceedings said that in the ministry’s view, the role of stabilising rice prices is “a role for the government and not placed on the consideration of companies or concession holders”.

“THAT is why in the latest concession agreement, we make improvements by looking at the real objective where the government should fully play the role of stabilising rice prices in the market, as it not only involves this ministry but [also] other ministries as well,” he said.