Sunday 11 February 2024

Siapa Godfather Baru, Mafia Koperat Chin Boon Long?

IT'S  no secret, that  the Victor Chin Boon Long linked Corporate Mafia, has a new GOD FATHER  or Guardian Angel. 

WHO  he is , is an open secret. READ : Nga Kor Ming & Leong Seng Hui.

AS ,
i had written before, NGA KOR MING should stop being a burden to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and quit the cabinet.

NGA KOR MING is really embarrassing Anwar Ibrahim, what more now READ ;with the Rakyat demanding, Nga Kor Ming, bow down his head and publicly apologise for tailgating an ambulance.

MEANWHILE, short of calling Nga Kor Ming a bloody liar,  UMNO president Zahid Hamidi READ: confirmed that Nga Kor Ming never approached or met him to discuss the UNESCO fiasco.

HARAKAH  hit the G Spot with a report lamenting  on how READ : Nga Kor Ming is single handedly destroying Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's good image.