Tuesday 27 February 2024

Tourism Malaysia ; What's the real story, Morning Glory?

AMMAR Abdul Ghapar, must feel like the most humiliated guy in Malaysia right now, for being the first widely known case, READ : of a director general in the civil service being demoted.

BIGOTRY has closed Malaysia's eyes, that money and not religion or race was the sole factor that determined  Ammar Abdul Ghapar's doom.

RACIST Malays and RACIST  non Malays  are a bunch of idiots who are being made used off, but because they so filled with bigotry, they cant even see it.

CONSIDER the following facts and RED FLAGS,  carefully, without a racial bias, but with a Malaysian heart ; READ ;

NOW many might think, this is a small matter, but things gets a bit more interesting, when. Tiong King Sing starts revealing the reason for giving Ammar Abdul Ghapar the boot.

TIONG King Sing's claim that Thailand receives 10 million tourist from China annually is a FABRICATION. READOnly 3.5 million China Tourist visited Thailand in 2023.

WHEN the Tourism Malaysia  Board READ : rushes in to support Tiong King Sing,, that is WHEN I become EXTREMELY  uncomfortable .

MEET READ : Yasmin Mahmood,the new chairman of Tourism Malaysia, who was formerly the Chief Executive Officer at Malaysia Digital Economy Corp.(MDEC)

THE power brokers, would like us to believe READ: that in a surprising move, Yasmin Mahmood had quit MDEC on December 2018.

IF it is indeed true, that Yasmin Mahmood quiting MDEC on December 2018, was a shock or even a surprise,  the I suggest FAHMI FADZIL  should immediately work on getting SABAHKINI a Pulitzer Prize Award.

THIS is because on August 2018, SABAHKINI had ran an exclusive report, which among others specifically stated  READ :  Yasmin Mahmood, the MDEC CEO which was placed on six weeks Leave, due to MACC investigation , has been ORDERED to RESIGN come Dec 2018.

HOW on earth , Yasmin Mahmood made a come back as chairman of Tourism Malaysia, MUST worry Malaysia, if we as a nation still believe in ethics and good governance.

WHAT has been taking place in Tourism Malaysia is certainly not good governance, nor is it ethical.

AMMAR Abdul Ghapar, has been singled out as a director general who failed to deliver the tourist numbers from China and that he lacks vision.

FAIR enough, as Director General of Tourism Malaysia, not achieving those metrics are Ammar Abdul Ghapar fault.

BUT, how come others , including Tiong King Sing are basking in glory on what  the ministry achieved with Ammar Abdul Ghapar in the driving seat.

NO doubt , Tiong King Siong is a hard working minister, but I believe, the numbers are in Ammar Abdul Ghapar's favour, merely because numbers don't lie, they merely state the facts on the ground.

NOW, if PAS can learn not to play the religion or race card on this matter, and get its so called Prime Minister in Waiting ,Ahmad Samsuri  Mokhtar to drill and grill Tiong King Siong in Parliament, strictly on the basis of Deng Xiaoping's wisdom ; It doesn't matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice, Malaysia will find out, if indeed a worthy challenger has ARRIVED FOR THE TOP BILLING IN PUTRAJAYA.