Friday 16 February 2024

BERNAS ; Kami bukan Bego

IN the Johorean slang the term BEGO means ahmak, bongok, or in plain English STUPID.

ONE look at the main page of the Al Bukhary Foundation may well provide the ethos af the prevailing culture in Bernas. VIEW : The day has twenty four hours; eight for the night's sleep, eight for the day's education, and eight for helping others in need, says Syed Mokhtar Albukhary

NOTICE, how there is ZERO hours for WORK. Why am I using Syed Mokthar's quote from the Al Bukhary Foundation website for a posting on Bernas. Am I running out of topic ?

WHAT is NOT provided by BERNAS though is INFORMATION pertaining to the status of the 100 per cent owned company, READ : on the removal of one social obligation in the latest Bernas concession agreement, namely to stabilise market prices of rice.

WITHOUT this social obligation, what is the need of BERNAS in our atmosphere? 

WITH this in mind, can BERNAS release it's annual report, so that Malaysians can see READ : How much is Bernas paying Azman bin Mahmood yearly for being part of the BERNAS family?

FOR those who don't know, Azman Mahmood is the Government nominee to the BERNAS board, who also happens to be Director General of the Agriculture Ministry's Padi and Rice Regulatory Division.