Monday 16 August 2021

3 Line. Dipuji Tak Terbang. Dihina Tak Tumbang

is the song, which I am using for the third time in two days, and it is also the song which points to only three men who have the LINE age to lead Malaysia at its darkest hour. READ ; Fitch slashes Malaysia growth to 0% for 2021


Tunjukkan kita mampu
Bersama kita maju
Dipuji tak akan terbang
Di hina tak akan tumbang

Anwar Ibrahim
. Many would agree that this is the country’s top politician with the least amount of financial scandals attached to his name. What this basically means is if this guy become Prime Minister he can actually clean Malaysia, as he has very little IOUs attached to his name.  On a personal level, despite the sex scandals, despite being beaten up, despite going to jail countless time,  the guy always manages to stand up straight  and say  BRING IT ON.  This is the guy you will want to be in your corner, when all the chips are down and the only way up is to is to box way beyond your weight class.


Tengku Razaliegh.  The old prince from Kelantan. This guy has seen himself  pushed high up to the heavens and then pushed down to earth as a nobody. But credit to him, he has always kept his dignify even in the face of adversity.  With this guy, what you will get is a lot of  give and take, and even then for him to be at his best, he will still need Anwar Ibrahim  by his side to pull it off.


Najib Razak.  It is a shame that Malaysia only got to know the Former Prime Minister once he was booted out of office. IF he had only shown the human and humane side of himself, I doubt we will be in this situation today. He has the 1MDB law suits to deal with but perhaps for the greater good, something can be worked out for him to play a role but not as the PRIME and definitely  minus Rosmah.