Tuesday 24 August 2021

SINISTER : Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up

is the song  that launched Eminem into the force that he is today. Taken from the 2000 Marshal Mathers album,  the song was the Caucasian rapper's first number one hit outside of America. 

May I have your attention, please?
May I have your attention, please?
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
We're gonna have a problem here 

We are indeed going to have a problem here if the EY report on Serba Dinamik is not as damming as how KPMG has led us to believe in its own assessment on the company.

Billionaire Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah, has already won some battles ahead of the EY report, by challenging  his detractors to prove their worth in an open unbiased court.  


He is also suing KPMG  READKPMG dragged to court

And then we have the curious case  of  KPMG ex partner and former Serba director charged in court 

What did I mean by stating if the EY report is not as damming as how KPMG  has made the Serba Dinamik issue look like. 

The anwser to that lays in the share price of Serba Dinamik. According to the STAR, Serba Dinamik's 52 week high was at RM2.02.  VIEWSerba Dinamik's 52 week peak 

The current share price is about 42 sen, which means the share price have fallen by some 79.20 per cent

What this effectively means is that the market has given a premium to KPMG's  credibility  by a whooping 79.20 per cent that it is correct on the major and not minor issues of the audit. 

 Personally, I feel trusting  KPMG is like trusting my cat to over look a glass of nice warm juicy fresh  milk.  READ;  We should trust KPMG

Now that we have got this part cleared.See You tomorrow  for  Part 3 ;  Will the real Slim Shady 
Please STAND UP. Mambang (Kalau Berani jemput datang mari bertandang)