Monday 30 August 2021

The Serba Dinamik Trade Today. Don't be sad

is a song released last year by TV star turned song writer turned pop star  Tate McRae.  What she will turn out to be next, Nobody knows except she has always upgraded herself to be better than before.

Fear of the unknown have striked Serba Dinamik shares today. The share is down by just 3.4 per cent to trade at 41.5 sen on low volume, as investors, speculators and gamblers of chat sites dedicated to trading stocks gossip about the up coming quarterly results, which some claim must be out today.

Wasted all my money, throwing pennies in a fountain
It's not easy tryna tell you how I feel
When all you ever say is
Don't be sad, the sun is shining
Just be happy, why you whining?