Sunday 29 August 2021

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Back from the DEAD

is a song by rock band Skillet which was released in 2017.  

Back from the dead, is the  feet Zahid Hamidi has engineered, which is not bad at all for a man facing 47 corruption charges. 

A man, pushed to the sidelines, and cast off as a lame duck UMNO president, but nevertheless had enough life to bring down a sitting Prime Minister. READ : Unstoppable Muhyiddin Yassin Crashes Down To Earth

We are strong, we will rise
Cause I'm back, back, back from the dead tonight
To the floor, to the floor, hit the red line
Flying high, flying high at the speed of light
Full of love, full of light, full of fight.

The new Prime Minister has expressed a 100 day wish, READ : The 100 Day Target For Ministers .  My estimate is Zahid Hamidi will only give Ismail Sabri a minimum  of 22 DAYS while the maximum will be 61 DAYS

What's with the EXACT number of days?  Well in 22 days time Malaysia's next five-year socio-economic development blueprint under the 12th Malaysia Plan will be tabled in Parliament. 

Add another 39 days to that for the National Budget to be tabled in Parliment on October 29. By that time the charade and parades will be over for Ismail Sabri.

One man not into this type of Wayang Kulit and whoes  name is rising in the corridor of mosque but not in Putrajaya,  is a man, most Malaysians do not know much about, but if he became Prime Minister, we would well be very glad about this decades from today.

That man is  محمد بن حسن‎; or better known as READ/VIEW :  Tok MAT : Mereka nak bunuh saya!.

Tok Mat was UMNO youth's pick for Finance Minister but Ismail Zabri decided to keep Muhyiddin Yassin 's pick Tengku Zafrul instead.

Sharpened knives are not out yet in the open. It is still all smiles for now but between now and Sept 22 and October 29, Ismail Sabri must accommodate  the following, READ :

Failure to do so, could well bring  another sitting Prime Minister flat on the ground, as well as prove to the world that Zahid Hamid has truly learned a lesson from the maestro himself, Tun Dr Mahathir on the art of DARK HUMOUR.

Zahid Hamidi  must have been laughing his head out silly when he announced to the World that Ismail Sabri's Government will not be known as the Perikatan Nasional Government, but instead a new most appropriate name have been found READ:  kerajaan perlu terus menggunakan jenama Keluarga Malaysia.

Within hours, cartoonist Zunar mapped out the rest for the Keluarga Malaysia Government,  SEE : Kerajaan Keluarga 69

KELUARGA 69, is a movie directed and starred by Tan Sri P Ramlee and Siput Sarawak. The most poignant line in the movie was READ ; keluarga ini telah menjadi tunggang-terbalik, keluarga songsang, keluarga 69