Wednesday 18 August 2021


is a song by the pop group Tatoo.  Bursa Malaysia should strongly heed the advice  JANGAN  DIAM SAHAJA  and be fair to investors or one of this days it will face a law suit from investors.

The heart of the issue is there are people in Bursa Malaysia as well as EY who roughly know the gestimate time line on when the special audit on Serba Dinamik will be completed.  

Is it too much for the regulator to provide an indicative time line so that all the investors will be on the same page enjoying the same set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Kan ku persembahkan untuk mu
Yang terbaik
Jangan diam saja
Ungkapkan kata mu

The reason why, I am highlighting this is because there have been numerous  queries on this matter on investor chat sites  .