Monday 16 August 2021

Ahirudin Attan . Drama King

is a song from Meet Uncle Hussein, that had some good underground following. Former Editor in Chief of the Business Times, earlier in the  day pinned down a piece. READ ;If I were king.

Why is that article relevant now that Muhyiddin;

Semua dusta palsu
Aku tertipu
Berubah menurut nafsu
Panggilanmu gelaranmu
Baru ku tahu
Lakon layarmu hebat

has temporarily  got the job. it is relevant for two things. 

1.STOP fooling ourselves that our Indian (MIC) and Chinese (MCA)  machai's represent their communities and learn to live with facts, those communities are represented more by PKR and DAP.

2. Where are the resignation of all those GLC heads? the anwser  is no where in sight.