Friday 6 August 2021

Soalan Utk Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Mengapa Tak Mencuba Jujur

is a song by Lesti Andryani  from her  EGOIS  album which was released in 2016.

I  am sure,  the Prime Minister would have read or atleast been made aware of his former superior Najib Razak 's op ed piece in Malaysia Kini today  READSaya sanggup sokong kerajaan PN kalau

There were  TWO eye catching statements from Muhyiddin Yassin today. The first was READ As Covid-19 daily cases go over 20,000, PM says govt to review if current strategies still effective

My question to the Prime Minister are as follows ;

1.  If the strategies  that are in place were effective, in your opinion, would Malaysia be as at August 4 2021 in the World’s Sixth Highest Daily Covid-19 Cases Per Capita.

2.  I assume you are aware that MOH Estimates Three Undetected Covid-19 Cases For Every Reported Infection.  Where is your sence of urgency ? Why is the meeting not held now immediately after Friday prayers but instead  on   MONDAY.

Sering kita sembunyi
Di balik sikap dan kata
Padahal hati kita
Tak ingin saling menyakiti
Mengapa tak mencoba

Can nation handle more problems if govt changes, asks Muhyiddin ?  
The anwser to that Muhyiddin Yassin is we are at WAR now with Covid 19, we cannot afford  to have a laid back leadership. 

What we need is a leadership that operates with Military level discipline,  efficiency , dedication, commitment and precision to have a ghost of a chance of beating this VIRUS. 

My view is for you to remain but do sack your  entire cabinet, start  reaching OUT to your rivals and get the very best brains and resources  to beat the living day lights of this Covid 19 Virus or please  stand aside and let the men who can deliver ,  come in and get the JOB done.

Brigadier General Dr Mohd Arshil Moideen,  the Head of Management of the Health Services Division of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) said READ ; Lack of coordination, speed are why Covid-19 wave can't be beaten