Wednesday 4 August 2021

The Vibes. Bad Habits

by Ed Sheeran ,  currently sits on top of  the US Charts.  I  am not sure if the VIBES is running a parallel business pull out or its executive business editor Emmanuel Samarathisa has run into some bad habits by operating his own subscription based pull out for RM170 a year or one can opt for a RM20 a month option. VIEW DETAILS HERE

Regardless, The Malaysianist as it is known have broken the spirit of the Law, when it comes to  providing financial advise.  READ : Are You Getting Investment Advice From A Licensed Advisor?

Samarathisa  uses his Twitter handle to promote the Malaysianist , but that is his own business.  It becomes the public business when one states that a stock is trading at a 52 week low and only correct is some hours latter.  VIEW

 An honest mistake or a devious market manipulation tactic? You are either a professional or an amature.  You cannot be both. READ ;  The Malaysianist piece, on a site the Vibes Executive Business Editor charges RM170 a year

As it is,  the  Vibes business section hardly has any value add to those who trade in the stock market,  so it comes as a surprise that it's business editor is using his Twitter handle to condemn Serba Dinamik whilr omitting every  piece of information available which may raise a poser or two on  KPMG.

 Is this the VIBES standard, because if it is then it is SUB STÀNDARD. I have no locus standi to demand that the Vibes reveals its editorial  policy but let me tell you what NST's top editor did when he wished to express his views, and those views may not reflect the editorial policy of the paper

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