Thursday 19 August 2021

Malaysia. Don't Dream It's Over.

is the single which propelled Australian rock band Crowded House to international stardom.

It's a new Malaysia today as Muhyiddin Yassin eased some pain to the Covid restrictions, citing among others that the  vaccination rate of the adult populations across the country, had exceeded 50 per cent.

Former group editor of Business  Times, Ahiruddin Attan seems to suggest something sinister.  READ ; Suddenly (but not surprisingly), it's 'semua BOLEH' as far as Muhyiddin the Caretaker PM is concerned.

SINISTER or not,  the director general of health Noor Hisham Abdullah did not mince his words.  READ ; A reminder to all, many places are opening because of the economy and not because it is safe.

Basically,  what the DG is trying to say to us is that don't  dream that it's over.

Hey now, Hey now
Don't dream it's over
Hey now, Hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us

My bone of contention is not so much the economy but how we are using a flawed yardstick to measure success. 

We should not be using the adult population vaccination rate as the flag barrier since one third or some 9 million from our 30 million population base are non adults and also because   READ ; Children most at risk in 'Pandemic of the unvaccinated'

We need to look at total population vaccination rate instead and have in place a firmed up plan on booster shots especially  for those who received the Sinovac vaccine before  we can relax our legs a bit.

Failure to do so, is the risk of having  the same set of madness, taking place  YET AGAIN.