Monday 9 August 2021


 is a single taken from  the 1990 Shubert Dip album by EMF, which topped the US singles chart in 1991 and was 32nd most hot  selling single of the 90's decade in the UK.

Many have wrongly claimed that EMF stands for English Mother Fuxkxxx. EMF actually is an initialism of Epsom Mad Funkers, a name taken from the pop group New Order' fan club.

It is UNBELIEVABLE that the things we say, may end up giving people a wrong Impression  of ourselves or highlight our poor grasp of English.

What if I am an elected member of parliment and say the following ;    They only (tried to) persuade me but did not offer me anything, so I rejected them

WHAT IS YOUR IMPRESSION?  Slime  ball or perhaps 

doped out stone cold?  UNBELIEVABLE 

The things, you say
Your purple prose just give you away
The things, you say
You're Unbelievable

This could  have potentially been story of the YEAR or even turned into to a source  of extreme cruel sence of humour, the dark kind.