Wednesday 18 August 2021

Suara Keramat. Belum Kalah

is a song from one of the nation's most promising hip hopper, who has a wider under ground following than on mainstream. 

Here is Adi Fati with his Belum Kalah ;

A sizeable discord base is already building up against Ismail Sabri, which is actually very unfair to the men himself  but regardless below is what that has been taking place online.

A say NO against Ismail Sabri  easily breached the 50,000 mark and 75,000 signature mark within hours. VIEW :  We Don't Want Ismail Sabri..

What really interested me in this poll (and No i did not sign it), was another poll, but this poll failed flat on its face and despite being two weeks old could not gather even 60,000 signatures.  VIEW ; Kami Sokong PM TSMY kekal Sebagai PM dan Selamatkan Malaysia