Sunday 15 August 2021

Serba Dinamik . Di puji tak terbang, dihina tak akan Tumbang

Yes, it's the same song two times in a row, because what Malaysia seeks in a leader, at Serba Dinamik they have it for every  one to see ; Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah.

When Serba Dinamik was the toast off town being  praised high and mighty, arrogance was the last thing you see in the face of Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah. 

The men made sure it was the Serba Dinamik brandname on the front  and not his but all that changed when WITH A LOT OF HElP from  friends the Edge brought the Serba Dinamik party down.

Berbicara tanpa mengetahui
apa yang terjadi.
Memang bicara itu mudah
Memang tidaklah susah
Jika tidak mengerti
lebih baik diam diri

Tunjukkan kita mampu
Bersama kita maju
Dipuji tak akan terbang
Di hina tak akan tumbang

It is the measure of the this man, when he was riduculed for hiring "Najib Razak's lawyer", he stood by his men and kept making sure neither  he or Serba Dinamik was going to play dead.

Lady luck finally smiles  and with a change of looming over Putrajaya, try hard as Jose Barrock did (why not fine Serba Dinamik, why not reprimand them) in the special report , the SC boss didn't have a bad thing to say.

The KPMG boys meanwhile have gone silent. Market wants to know when you filing your defense papers to the court, on the Serba case.?

I believe  the boys at KPMG are much brighter than the boy at the Edge and that long before this posting, they already knew it was a mistake....Di PUJI TAK TERBANG, Di HINA TAK AKAN TUMBANG