Thursday 26 August 2021

Tengku Zafrul. Nyanyikan Lagu Perang.

is  a song from Koil, the West Javs based rock band which has a huge following in Indonesia. The song is part of  the 2010 Blacklight album.

Sinar Harian citing Sin Chew  reports   READ ; Tengku Zafrul to be named Finance Minister.  

I really do believe, Zafrul when he said that READ :I did my BestThe problem though, some times we are just out of depth.

Zafrul was Finance Minister for the past 18 months, and during that period,  consumers  spending has declined,  while mental instability kept hitting fresh peak  READMalaysian Employees Federation : mental depression was not due to the pandemic but linked to financial problems and difficulty

While our economy is not in depression,  the people are obviously  because Tengku Zafrul instead of coming up with New Deal like package for Malaysia,  kept going for quick fixes  such as I Lestari, I Sinar and I Citra.

As a result of those three I', nearly 40 percent cent of EPF account holders have less than RM10,000 in the account. Compare this to READ : Debt Per Citizen stands at RM25,000.

By merely being imaginative, we could have got perhaps 12 to 24 months moratorium for housing and car loans . This could be done by the Government providing  banks some massive tax holidays over the next 10 years in order for them to play ball.

This will reduce people's  burden,  keep them from being stressful  and to those still employed , extra cash in the pocket to burn.  Such measures coupled with Government pump priming the economy as well as providing aid to the M40 group would have done Malaysia a world of good.

NO  such measures took place under Tengku Zafrul's watch and for that he is going to be rewarded by being named Finance Minister again!!!. 

Kalu gitu...Nyanyikan jee lagu Perang ;

Hei hei tidakkah kau bosan menyanyikan keluhan
Hei hei mengharap belas kasih atas mental pengangguran
Pasti ada cara untuk mencari uang
Pasti ada cara untuk bersenangsenang
Badai pasti datang kita tak akan menang
Mengapa harus bimbang
Kita orang pintar dengan otak bersinar
Hanya perlu semangat untuk hidupi rakyat
Kita orang pintar dengan otak bersinar
Perlu lagu perang untuk membungkam setan
Nyanyikan lagu perang