Monday 2 August 2021

Will the REAL slim shaddy PLEASE stand up

by  Eminem, is the lead single from the rapper's third album  The Marshall Mathers LP. So will the real slim shaddy please STAND UP

… May I have your attention, please?
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
We're gonna have a problem here…

Annuar Musa ; Kerajaan PN tidak derhaka kepada Agong
Good for you Annuar Musa. Did anyone in the room mention the word derhaka. If NO, why do you keep repeating yourself.  Something is not right here unless deep down you are feeling guilty ....perhaps something you would like to share with all of us ?

Muhyiddin  Yassin. Malay first’ Muhyiddin is hoist with his own petard
Err after reading the Terence Netto post I have come to conclusion it is pointless to ask Anuar Ibrahim or Tun Mahathir about you. Best for you to decide on your own if you are the real slim shaddy.

Azmin Ali. Return to PKR even if only for your political career
You are slimy alright,  but smart enough to stir clear of this ticking bomb while  getting your good buddy Tian Chua to do your bidding.

Xavier Jayakumar.Quits PKR
You left PKR. Hats off to you but Malaysia wants to know when did you lose your voice.

Noor Hisham AbdullahMP criticises DG for 'selective concern', questions gathering at PM's residence
Just one question for you . Are you friends with Xavier Jayakumar

Ismail Sabri. Puad ingatkan Ismail dia cuma TPM, bukan presiden Umno
Granted you used to party hard, but you are a good man what are you doing on this list?

Takiyuddin Hassan. masuk hospital akibat komplikasi jantung
Medical problems are the least of your worries.  You too are a good man, just doing job for the wrong set of people.

Najib Razak.  

Where is Dolly lah?  Bro you better do something about this poster because even children are looking at it and laughing their heads off.

Zahid Hamidi :  Esok kita meeting lagi
Are you UMNO presiden or the supreme council is your president . Nobody listening to you lah  .  Do something .... get the guy who is ghost writting for Jailani Harun to write something nice about you on Jai's  blog (notice how the quality of English often changes from good to poor)

Wee Ka Siong. Perak MCA Youth chief joins calls for PM to resign
Wise move from a Johorean ,  duck in the face of fire and get MCA Youth to fire scud missiles at the Prime Minister.

Vigneswaran s/o Sanasee. Siapakah Vigneswaran yang angkuh langgar titah Agong ini?'
Now you know why people dont want to elect you to go to parliment

Abdul Hadi Awang : Kejayaan kerajaan PN tadbir negara menyebabkan ada pihak tercabar
You are slimy alright but when you speak people are sympathic...Hey the guy has lost his marbles