Tuesday 17 August 2021

Zahid Hamidi. Saat ini Aku Sedang Berjalan, berjalan jalan ke masa depan

is a song which I believe is from Anak Funk,  and has been on Tik Tok and You Tube for well over a year.  Lyrics to the song goes something like this ;

Saat ini aku sedang berjalan
Berjalan jalan ke masa depan
Pake roket sampe roblay
Dompet macet tetap nge-Fly

Tak peduli kamu anggap aku ini sampah
Tapi jangan lupa sampah itu apa
Bisa didaur ulang
Bisa hasilkan uang

Many of us, including me have always have this impression that Zahid Hamidi is not the sharpest  knife in the kitchen cabinet, so to speak.

In my opinion  though, he is the only politician who made sence to me in the last 48 hours and I do hope Malaysia heads his advice. 

As I write there are efforts to woo  Zahid Hamidi  to support Ismail Sabri and Perikatan Nasional. READ : Kumpulan Zahid Cenderung Kpd Tengku Razaliegh sebagai PM.

Zahid Hamidi is at a point where he can do a great service for Malaysia if sticks to his guns that whoever wants to be PM  must agree to a WAR CABINET. If he does that, history will judge him as the hero who saved Malaysia.