Sunday 15 August 2021

MALAYSIA MOST WANTED : Dipuji tak terbang, dihina tak akan tumbang

is a Malay song which over the past few months have been making a slow making progress on Tik tok this year.

If TRUE ,  READ : Redzuan sahkan Muhyiddin persembah surat peletakan jawatan esok, then what we need leadership that ;

Dipuji tak akan terbang
Di hina tak akan tumbang
Seringkali seseorang itu
salah dalam memahami.
Berbicara tanpa mengetahui
apa yang terjadi.
Memang bicara itu mudah
Memang tidaklah susah
Jika tidak mengerti
lebih baik diam diri

Will the country change for the better if  Ismail Sabri  takes over from Muhyiddin? How so can that be when we will have the same number of people and the same people as ministers and Deputy ministers, special ambassadors and special advisors.

These whole bunch are either bona fide failures or yes men, who won't  be able to learn humility in serving this great nation. 

The Vibes' article  READBest time to seek reforms is now provides some clues on what we should be pushing for.

Anyone who wants to be Prime  Minister, should do  on basis of having an anti party hoping law, an anti corruption  agency that reports only to parliment, equal amount of money changed to all MP and so on.

On a different note,  Muhyiddin I told you rite   that this guy is a JINX, READ ; Khairy Jamaluddin. Rembau Most Wanted Part 2

Yup  KJ has striked again,  first by making the very popular  Abdullah  Badawi into a  hugely unpopular politician, then Najib Razak did that mistake of thinking KJ's online following can be translated into votes but how to do so when the bulk are actually there to silently  laugh at him.