Tuesday 17 August 2021

Serba @ 46 sen. Cuba Lagi

is a song taken from Malique TKO album which was released in 2017.  Malique is one of Malaysia's pioneer hip hop artist and among the first to hip hop in the national language.

Will CLICK : Serba Dinamik Berhad : aims to become major player in International RE Sector,   have enough weight  to push the shares to mount another challenge  to the 46 sen a share barrier.

Tiap kali gagal aku cuba lagi
Aku cuba lagi aku cubalagi
Hanya yang lemah kan lari
Jadi lelaki dan cuba lagi
Nah bukan senang
Hendak menang
Apatah lagi jadi juara

Last week,  VIEW ; THE HOT SERBA CHART had indicated that Serba Dinamik shares have four scale upward price targets to meet, namely 
TP1:0.415, TP2:0.46,  TP3: 0.51, TP4: 0.615.  Stop loss is at 37.5 sen.

Serba Dinamik have already met the first target and consistently stayed above that level since then.  The stock had also twice attempted to reach the 46 sen level since then,  both times being dogged at 45 sen a share.