Wednesday 4 October 2023

Anwar Ibrahim, is being brought down because Mat Sabu doesn't know how to count

IF indeed there is a cabinet reshuffle, I would in the strongest term suggest that the Prime Minister  remove Mat Sabu as the agriculture minister, because the guy doesn't seem to be able to do basic maths.

BASICALLY, what I am trying to say is the guy can't count lah.

S0 basic maths will tell you that last year, the minimum per tonne the paddy farmer was getting was RM1285 + RM360: RM1645 per tonne. At no time were they getting RM1700 per tonne last year.

SO instead of crediting Anwar Ibrahim for the extra RM55 ringgit per tonne the paddy farmer will now be receiving,  what does  Mohammad Sabu, the Agriculture Minister rushes out to do?  READ : PADI FARMERS ARE STILL GETTING RM1,700 PER TONNE, WITH RM500 SAYS MAT SABU.

WITH a senior minister like this on the prowl,  you don't need enemies or even an opposition in Parliament to paint you in a bad light..