Tuesday 31 October 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia: The Spy Who Hates You!

A secretive appointment to a covert agency answerable only the sitting  Prime Minister of Malaysia, is a newly opened front to tutor the Corporate Mafia

THIS will be a very painful lesson  the grown men of the notoriously greedy Corporate Mafia, will have to relearn.

RELEARN because obviously these Chinese Mafia Boys weren't listening to their primary school teachers, who told us ; Be Nice to People on Your Way Up. You'll Meet Them On Your Way Down.

THE individual appointed directly by the Prime Minister, as a  director  to the what insiders call the Research Division, but is publicly known as the Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation, a covert national security intelligence agency, also  sits on the board of a public listed company,  which the CORPORATE MAFIA attempted to mess with .

OF course, since this is a very new appointment,  nothing much will happen soon, but those who have been watching me like a hawk, don't turn around, for the WATCHER now is being WATCHED 24/7!.