Sunday 1 October 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The Mike Tyson Moment

HEADING into 2023,  the Corporate Mafia, an organisation closely linked to loan sharks and outright scammers,  had developed a reputation as being UNTOUCHABLE. 

THE activities of this group and their boldness in seemingly getting law enforcement on thier side begun in or about the time  Wahid Omar became the chairman of Bursa Malaysia 

YEARS earlier, Wahid Omars time as the minister in charge of the Economic Planning Unit from 2013 onwards saw the greatest financial scam in the history of mankind  take shape in Malaysia. READ : PAS : Is Wahid Omar trying to run away from the 1mdɓ scandal.

THE Corporate Mafia at that point, had felled Greenpacket Bhd, and Caley  Bhd, establishing itself as an untouchable movement in Corporate Malaysia. 

IT was against this background , a decision  was made  to corner  Revenue Group  Bhd,  as reports from its internal team that the Ng Brothers, who had a privileged lifestyle from childhood won't have it inside them to stand up for their rights. READ : Revenue Brothers, booted out from the company, now charged in court.

ALSO, by piling pressure on the Ng brothers, the expectation was,  the brothers will not only roll over and play dead, the Corporate Mafia will be able to use one of the brothers payment gateway skill sets, that could bring in about RM50 million  in profits yearly 

UNKNOWN to the Victor Chin Boon Long gang, they were actually setting themselves up for their very own Mike Tyson Moment.

34 years ago,  Mike Tyson was a boxer who knocked all of his opponents out, had landed in Japan for a match the world was expecting to end in seconds, hence allowing Mike Tyson to stage a US$70 millio bout with Evander Holifield followed by a match with George Foreman in Brunei for all the money in the world.

THE above mentioned plans had to flushed into the toilet sink, when  James Buster Douglas, Tyson's opponent in. JAPAN  decided to punch Tyson back.

LIKE most bullies, Mike Tyson did not know how to react . Here was a guy who didn't run away from Tyson but was hitting him back.

ESSENTIALLY, this what happened to the undefeated and untouchable  Corporate Mafia,  when the Ng brothers decided to stand their ground. 

THE Corporate Mafia' caved in, losses then begun to pile up, operating cost begun to shoot up , enforcement friends too started to stay away .

AND we are left, with the Corporate Mafia now complaining that it is so unfair, that the reaction from the other side had been too extreme, brutal and painful, resulting in most of the members of the Corporate Mafia,  sinking in  are in a financiL RUIN.