Monday 30 October 2023

In Anwar Ibrahim's MADANI, Sticking Out Like A Mangled Thumb Are Victor Chin Boon Long and his made men.

THERE is a group , made up of very wealthy men, linked directly to the Muhyiddin Yassin administration and its offshoot that seem intent on killing  two birds with a single stone.

TO discredit the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission, with a specific intent of making sure, that its current chief Azam Baki, will fade away into the realms of history.

TO ensure that the Victor Chin Boon Long gang's  activities ranging from criminal intimidation,  criminal breaches of trust, and corrupting Government  officials during the Muhyiddin Yassin and Ismail Sabri administration , remain acts of IMPUNITY.

THE Edge commentary  mentioned, three companies in the report, ment to make  the MACC look  like a bunch of novice .

THE three companies mentioned by the Edge, linking it to  MACC probes were Classita Holdings Bhd, Revenue Group Bhd , and GIIB Bhd.

RED flags, screaming to be told to the Malaysian public, were the common denominator  for all three companies were and are THE VICTOR CHIN BOON LONG GANG  aka The Corporate Mafia.

INSTEAD of advising the MACC, which is a very competent agency on which areas it should focus on,  the Edge deliberately allowed the white elephant in the room to go unnoticed and untouched , by its failure to demand for a complete investigation on the activities of the CORPORATE MAFIA.

FRANKLY speak I am not one bit surprised by the Edge's ABSENT MINDEDNESS. After all it has a history of such behaviour when it comes to the CORPORATE  MAFIA.

NOTICE how in the following report, The Edge had conveniently, READ : mis SPELLED the name to read Kenny Khow Chuen Wah in the Mohamad MADANI Sahari corruption case.

THE correct SPELLING of the individuals name should have been READ :  Kenny Khow Chuan Wah.

MOHAMAD Madani was not only, one of many  point men for the Corporate Mafia under the two previous regimes,  he also has documented dealings with Allan Goh Hwan Hua, who controls MyAirline .

YES, the very same MyAirline,  which supposedly was  running out of cash, despite a trail of evidence  pointing to MyAirline HAVING A LOAD FACTOR IN EXCESS OF  90 PER CENT .

THE  Corporate Mafia, and the Allan Goh Hwan Hua are  hydra's from the same nucleas.

THE Edge, never even bothered to tell its readers that Francis Leong Seng Wui, who used to operate the CAR PARK AT THE FEDERAL HOTEL for Victor Chin Boon Long is a person of interest in  CLASSITA  and REVENUE GROUP.

THIS can only be a co incidence if you believe in tooth fairies, and that the KING, Elvis Presely is still  ALIVE and KICKING!.