Sunday 15 October 2023

Fahmi Fadzil, and his MCMC Mentor Are Out of Their League..... it PORTRUDES.

NAIVETY is something I have chosen to omit, while studying from afar, how our Communication Minister  is approaching the deliquent ByteDance Ltd, which operates the social media Tik Tok App.

AN observation from a far, YES , i readily admit but afar hardly means that I am unschooled,  and out of touch on what has been taking place on the ground.

MAINLY on foreign soil, perhaps have given the minister and his advisors, a perspective of self importance, as Tik Tok Shop attempts to play an old record, that believe it or not READ : could have paid for our 2024 national budget in cash, with zero leverage plus an additional 36 per cent as loose change for next year.

MY accurate description on how Fahmi Fadzil and his mentor from MCMC,  actually boils down to two factors;  not grounded on a good university education, the exposure it brings to the table, plus  Fahmi Fadzil's attitude, which lean towards that of a man child.

I actually, feel deeply sorry for Fahmi Fadzil and his less ivy educated mentor from MCMC who actually believe the story in the press.  READ : Indonesia bans Tik Tok Shop, cites official reason due to predatatory pricing mechanism.

DOES Tik Tok practise PREDATORY pricing? I believe it does, but then again most internet based sales are driven by such instincts, and furthermore, Tik Tok didn't invent them and nor did they change any rules in the game.

INDONESIA merely wanted to show its displeasure, and the predator salesmen is merely a reasonable excuse to get its message across, despite the decision to do so will cripple the nation's own businesses that are booming from the Tik Tok bounce.

THERE are two core reasons why the Indonesian message is intended to shake ByteDance and to rattle Beijing, on the need for the ground rules to be re written. 

BYTEDANCE main universe is in Singapore, and the company's CEO too is a Singaporean. TIK Tok have mastered the art of keeping Singapore rulling Government legislators happy, while the likes of Indonesia and Malaysia via Fahmi Fadzil READ : is content in meeting up with Tik Tok, who behaves like a delinquent middle kingdom master, that will gladly control content for the Singaporeans but not for the Indonesians and Malaysians.

WORST still I believe that the Indonesians are on some type of a war path, having seen how Indonesian money turned Lazada and Shopee into global giants, with both the Chinese companies empowering Singapore to be centre of their universe.

TODAY, Singapore has already laid the tracks to beef up its reputation as the Silicon Valley of this continent, helped by the success of Lazada and Shopee, which transformed SEA Ltd, a Singapore entity listed on the New York Exchange into the most valuable stock of 2021, with a US$140 billion live valuation.

NO doubt, those medal of honours on the Singaporean chest, must have influenced ByteDance too, that the indigenous ethnic Malay population won't mind another slap in the face.

THANKFULLY it matters to Indonesia, something that is of little concern to the man child Fahmi Fadzil and his MCMC Mentor. 

AS a result of not having that DIVA moment, today we have a man child who really believes the fuss about Tik Tok is about unfair pricing and not UNFAIRLY bestowed honour on a nation that had done so little but benefited the MOST!