Saturday 14 October 2023

Corporate Mafia; To Be Hunted like a Crocodile, Ravaged in the Corn!

THERE  shall be no shelter from this storm for Malaysia's Corporate Mafia, as not the knives are out for Victor Chin Boon Long , Francis Leong Seng Wui.

THE entire leadership is now on borrowed time. Roger Ng's return and I Serve On Line and My Airline folded,  made things worst for the Corporate Mafia.

THE main reason the Corporate Mafia today, no longer have powerful regulator friends or influence, with even KN Kenanga now thinking of ending relationship with them, is because Malaysia's number ten,  Anwar Ibrahim wants to clean up the nation.

THE  Prime Minister was brief specifically on Victor Chin Boon Long's activities, the strange money that flowed in into Revenue Group via READ: More than RM55 million of strange money flowed into Revenie Group, as the Pirates Of Bursa Malaysia,'s arrogance be littles the Unity Government .

THERE were two briefings to the Prime Minister on the activities of Leong Seng Wui and Chin Boon Long and the damage they doing to Malaysia's ESG ambitions.

OVER the past 692 days, the biggest investment plan that did not take off must surely be  READ : The RM8 billion small time investors lost in Hong Seng Consolidated after its plan billion ringgit Kedah dreams were found wanting.

ALSO  Victor Chin Boon Long and Francis Leong Seng Wui deliberately withheld information that the Kedah rubber city project was off, in order to help PAS in the Kedah state elections. READ :Sanusi Md Nor was informed last year that Hong Seng Consolidated was a no go for the rubber city project.

HONG Seng Consolidated, I am afraid is not the only mess, of the Corporate Mafia , which had maimed retail investors.

THE larger silent killer, that has the potential to strip naked retail investors, could well be Green Packet Bhd.

CONSIDER the following, GREEN PACKET   READ :is expanding to West Asia, the company said in a statement

AS it is, Green Packet, currently earns RM751 million from abroad, and only RM22 million from its ventures inside Malaysia.l

YET, Green Packet's choice of auditor Cheng & Co is a puzzling one indeed, as the firm does not have offices outside of Malaysia, plus READ :National standards on auditing and related services published in many countries differ in form and content.

IRONICALLY, Cheng & Co I'd also the auditor of Revenue Group quit, under mysterious circumstances considering a detailed malpppinh on Revenue Group,'s current company secretary, will definitely  cause embarrassment to some very established number CRUNCHERl