Monday 9 October 2023

The Return of Roger Ng, When The First Cut is Not the deepest!.

FAULTLINES from the return of Roger Ng, the ex man from Goldman Sachs, have deepend claiming yet another head in the process.

IT is hard to imagine. 'that a group" flushed somehow with money at the height of the Covid pandemic, and bold enough to make a statement of intent, by investing in a sector where most people were trying their  best to run away from.

AH Long, credit community folks, call them what you wish but the bottomline, remains the same; Nak Duit, Tapi Dapat BUNGA.

IF you recall, I had previously given some insights on why these was an obsession to promote, sugar-coat and rebrand the Pakaj Gadai and Credit Community folks as the friend of the Rakyat. READ: The Goldman Sachs money in the hands of loan sharks, the Corporate Mafia and the proud owners of a new airline company.

NOT really big news, but this is a case where the first cut is not the deepest.

 I know it's not Friday yet, a day which I normally reserve to provide some insights for Victor Chin Boon Long to think about before going to sleep at his house, while is pal Francis Leong Seng Wui, as we all know,  sleeps in the office.

LITTLE boy and FAT Man, remember those names? Those were the nice names of thr A bomb that hit Japan. READ :BERSATU is finished, Cause Anwar Ibrahim has nuclear options