Sunday 8 October 2023

Will the lead player of the Paddy Cartel, Please Stand Up

WHY won't the Kedah Menteri Besar Mohd Sanusi Md Nor,  reveal to the nation who leads the paddy cartel?

IF rice millers are the Cartel, then let it be known that READ : As at 2020, Bernas controls 48 per cent market share of rice mill business.

AFTER reading Malaysia Kini today, I am puzzled why politicians and paddy farmers are not telling us who is the big boss of the paddy cartel.

IS it the good samaritian called Bernas or is it the 1000 odd rice millers with collectively contribute 52 per cent to the rice mill business  market share. If it is the 52 per cent market share owners, then I must say , they have some serious mental issues.

MALAYSIA KINI reports the following, but allow me to put it in point form.

1) Arahan Ketua Pengarah Kawal Selia Padi dan Beras Azman Mahmood pada September, yang dalam pertemuan dengan pemain industri didakwa mengarahkan Bernas membeli padi daripada petani pada harga RM1,600 setan metrik.

SO,  basically what we have here is allegations that Bernas was told to buy the paddy at RM1,600 but the above statement is followed by

2) Jadi adakah pihak berkuasa tunduk kepada (tuntutan daripada) kartel padi?

MY question is, why on earth will the supposedly not Bernas included paddy cartel bother two hoots if Bernas were instructed to make the purchase at RM1,600 a tonne?

ARE we to believe that the paddy cartel , does not know how to mind its own business and is insistant that it will act as Bernas guardian angel?