Monday 9 October 2023

Anwar Ibrahim, Jika Kasih Akan Padi, Buanglah Rumput

WHAT does Mohamad Sabu, the 68 year old Agriculture Minister expect to achieve with his wayang kulit of a show   in Parliament yesterday.

READ : if Bernas makes a loss, it will not be able to share 30 per cent of expected profits with the paddy farmers, Mat Sabu alerts Parliament .

IS Mat Sabu playing hard ball with Anwar Ibrahim?  Mat Sabu should stop moonlighting as READ :  the self appointed NATIONAL APOLOGIST for Syed Mokthar, the 100 per cent owner of BERNAS.

MAT Sabu, is all ready walking on very dangerous ground. On October 4th 2023, I had written READ : that Mat Sabu Should be Removed as Agriculture Minister, as the guy can't even do basic maths.

A day latter, on October 5th 2023, the nation's top online news portal Free Malaysia Today echoed somewhat similar thoughts. READ : Move Mat Sabu out of agriculture and food security, PM told.

THE  Prime Minister should really do it, because Mat Sabu , smells, looks and talks  like a men representing Bernas and NOT THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA in Parliament. 

THE Agriculture Minister, based on the text of his speech in the auspicious House which was forwarded to me, took the pain to go that extra mile in attempting to portray Bernas in a fairytale light  by stating ; Harga beras putih global mencatatkan peningkatan sebanyak 63% dalam tempoh setahun, iaitu daripada USD400 per tan metrik pada Ogos 2022 kepada USD650 per tan metrik pada Ogos 2023.

THE figures are indeed accurate,  but it paints a false picture, that prices were up throughout the year. 

CONSIDER, the following, Thailand 5% Broken Rice Price was actually trading up to June 2023, some US$3 lower than the January value of US$517 per tonne.

PRICES only started rising on July and August and from September onwards the prices have started to come down.

NOW look what our neighbours Indonesia, which is rice self sufficient these days were doing on June 2023. READ : Indonesia's trade Minister officially signs strategic Rice agreement to import one million tonnes of Rice from India.

THE Government to Government  agreement was signed well before READ : India banned export of Rice in August.

SO what was Bernas doing in June? Shaking legs, having a good time with the RM600 million  yearly tax payer money which it swallows to pretend to manage our rice needs.

WE don't have to be Albert Einstein to figure out that Bernas is in a mess how, because instead of making  forward purchases, it is actually getting supply from the spot market.

OF course, the snow white like BERNAS, can count it's lucky starts, that a kind hearted soul, dig deep into his or her own pocket  READ : to finance a public relation campaign mostly on Tik Tok, with deception and malafide claims, which ultimately has benefitted only BERNAS.

AS early as August 16 2023, I had spelled it out, that Bernas end game, would be to embarrass  the Prime Minister over the 30 per cent profit distribution to the farmers. 

WE should not feign ignorance that such an end game in play now is even possible.

ANWAR Ibrahim, can reset Malaysia for the better by keeping the paddy and dumping the  grass.