Monday 23 October 2023

Anwar Ibrahim is being let down by his own team

ANWAR Ibrahim knows a lot about how the stock market operates, plud what is required to set the bourse on fire.

THAT being said, the time around the barrier Anwar Ibrahim is facing, are legacy based as well as market requlators, that do not requlate fairly, even  on serious matters such as MONEY LAUNDERING.

society bears the cost of money laundering, due to the ripple effects it has on the cost of credit, as well as the erosion of trust in the financial and regulatory system itself.

THE numbers tell the story on Bursa Malaysia, a story on how an entire generation, has turned its back on the Malaysian markets.

NEVERMIND that over half a decade now, Bursa Malaysia was has been bearish when the rest of the planet was on a historic bull run, and nevermind to that this year,  READ : that alongside Thailand we are the worst performers in Asian.

NEVERMIND,  because markets are seasonal and can be rectified if we have good people who are able manning the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia. 

WHAT action, have you taken Securities Commission which the public is aware of? Absolutely nothing .

SUCH blatant regard for its own word of advise by the likes of the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia has resulted in an entire generation showing the middle finger to the Malaysian stock market.

THE numbers don't lie.