Monday 27 March 2017

Muddy Waters. Dancing On My Own

Is a monster hit this year for Calum Scott.

Muddy Waters LCC, looked to be dancing on its own for the first 80 days of this year, but then suddenly in late March, the firm seems to be right on all the stuff the market got wrong.

First it came out with a report early this year that China's Huishan Dairy is worth close to zero.

Not many noticed that report until , Huishan shares lost more than US$4 billion of its worth inside sixty minuets of trading last Friday.

Some 20 days ago, Muddy Waters said that they have started shorting the market big time, again they were not given serious airtime because the markets were running high on a Trump rally.

Looks like it will be the investors who ignored Muddy Waters who will be having a second listen to dancing on my own