Tuesday 21 March 2017

Ringgit Malaysia. Keep Your Eyes On The Sparrow

Is the 1975 monster hit from the legendary Sammy Davies Jr. The soundtrack is the theme from the TV series Baretta.

The recurring theme of the song is DON'T DO IT, while the lyrics to the song goes something like this.

Keep your eyes on the sparrow
When the going get's narrow
Don't roll the dice
If you can't pay the price
Don't do the crime
If you can't do the time.

Ringgit Malaysia is obviously the sparrow here with both Najib Razak and Mustapa Mohamed saying that the ringgit has stabilised.

At RM4.43 to the US Dollar, and one Singapore Dollar fetching a RECORD RM3.16, this is COLD comfort, so keep your eyes on the SPARROW, as the going from now on is going to get a whole lot of NARROW.