Saturday, 15 January 2022

Asyraf Wadji & Tengku Zafrul berkenaan RM10k one off tu, boleh tak berhenti : Cakap Dalam Gelap!!!

is a hip hop master piece by Shazzwan.  The song has been around for some time now but I do believe that it never gets any air time.

Perhaps it is the same feeling many of those been hit by Covid 19 and then floods might be feeling,  

 that their plight are not on the Government's radar.

That being said, I am fairly confident,  if sacrifices need to be made for the well being of Malaysia, 

these group will bite the bullet and do it for the country.

Meanwhile the politicians are having a field day using the RM10k,  one off withdrawal from to improve their personal popularity on social media platforms.

kita tengok
sapa duduk tegak.
Bibir tak gerak
cakap dalam gelap.
Kurang gerak tangan
takut nanti silap.
Bila ramai sorak
sumbang kau berborak.
Depan depan kita tengok
sapa boleh dongak.

UMNO Youth head Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki and Finance Minister  Tengku Zafrul  are no exceptions.

There is a question Asyraf  should have asked Zafrul  a long time ago,  but he hasn't,  and with Zafrul  coming from decades of experience in  the Finance sector should have the anwser at this fingertips.

Since  nobody has asked the question, I shall shoot straight from the hip.  Can the Finance Minister please enlighten  Malaysia.

1.Even without a new withdrawal scheme how many people will have below the minimum quarter million ringgit threshold  upon retirement.

2. In the event there is a new RM10k withdrawal scheme how many people will end up  having below the minimum quarter million ringgit threshold  upon retirement.

I believe,  the anwser to this questions will give us a better perspective that between Asyraf & Zafrul,  who holds the moral ground on this matter.