Friday, 14 January 2022

Ismail Sabri, apa itu DSIS : Disease

is a song from Matchbox Twenty, that was co written in 2002 by Mike Jagger,  the legendary frontman of the Rolling Stones,  the world's biggest rock band.

The key to be number UNO in the public eye is to have good PR people by your side,  the type who can spot a big mistake a mile away.

I am 

glad Muhyiddin Yassin ,  stopped referring himself as  :As Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri in his own Facebook post and now wisely calls himself  SAYA .

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri best be looking for a new PR guy .  Just go through Ismail Sabri's  face book page 

and you would notice in some of the latest  post,  the Prime Minister has rebranded himself 


I'm free of my disease
Yeah I'm free of my disease
Set me free of my disease

Whoever,  advised the Prime Minister on using DSIS as a branding tool to cement his status as number uno in Malaysian politics today,  I have only one question for the person or persons behind it.

That being