Thursday, 13 January 2022

The Malaysia Now Report on the Securities Commision : Don’t Talk To Strangers!!!

is a song that won Australian  Rick Springfield ,  a Grammy nomination for Best Male Vocal in 1983,  only to lose out to Lionel Richie's Truly.

The Malaysia Now report on the Securities Commission  READ ;  Malaysia's Securities Commision mired with conflict of interest , is actually an open secret ,  which is why I am mighty surprise why the portal,  choose to only tell half the story.

I am master
The evil song you sing inside your brain
Drive you insane
Don't talk
Don't let them inside your mind, yeah
Run away, run away, go
No, no
Don't let them in your mind
Protect your soul
Don't dance in darkness
You may stumble and you're sure to fall
Don't write in starlight
'Cause the words may come out ...

THAT though is for the portal to anwser,  if and when it chooses to do so. Reporting with an agenda 

often is a double sword game.  You can influence public opinion,  but  could lose credibility when bare truth comes out.  

Take for example Najib Razak,  is the guy insane,  deranged from reality,  or is he actually telling the truth?  

Because if he is,  then way before Malaysia Now,  financial journalism have been compromised with half truths, and with a clear and precise target. READ :  Najib Razak : Azmin Ali Called Me A LIAR, but on this day May 20 2022, FELDA will get back the entire RM2.2 billion it invested in Eagle High Plantation plus a hefty six per cent return.

Coming back to the Malaysia Now report,  a minor aspect which caught my eye was Yinson Bhd.  Why did it catch my attention? Well,  READ : Yinson : Don't compare us to Serba Dinamik.

It's been well documented,  how Serba Dinamik's name has been dragged down the drain, but what bothers me is that when it comes to Serba Dinamik,  are we talking about paper entry errors or real physical money gone missing.

The Securities Commision  and Bursa Malaysia,  should enlighten Malaysia on this matter,  because what we have until now are the haunting words of an ex Serba Dinamik director and SPECIAL BRANCH DIRECTOR READ  : There is “biased regulatory prosecution aimed towards Serba Dinamik”.

IF  the ex Special Branch director is correct in his assessment,  then it is crystal clear that the Story of Serba Dinamik has yet to be TOLD.