Friday, 7 January 2022

Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki : Hantu atau Buaya?

is a song from rockers Nanasheme,  which was released some 7 years ago.  Todate, the music video has more than a million views on You Tube.

Lyrics to this song goes something like this :

Terpulanglah, mau jadi apa
Mau jadi hantu, mau jadi buaya
Terpulanglah, mau bikin apa
Mau bikin masalah, serah teruskan saja
Terpulanglah, mau jadi apa
Mau jadi hantu, mau jadi buaya

The jury is still out there on Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, who leads UMNO Youth.  Is this guy for real

or mere drama.  Whatever it maybe,  in my book he is the only politician within  the last 48 hours who have said something sensible, with regards to the Azam Baki which hunt that is taking place currently. 

DAP, PKR, MCA and PAS YOUTH should be ashamed for not seeing the bigger picture,  but for  going for the easy meat , that being the under pressure MACC chief,  who I must say has been making one bad move after another, strategic communication wise.

What the UMNO Youth head said is actually what Malaysia needs right now.  UMNO Youth has demanded for it,  now let's see if the UMNO vice president Ismail Sabri,  will endorse it as Prime Minister or give it a cold shoulder, similar to the RM10k tuntutan Rakyat.

Also can DAP, PKR, MCA and PAS YOUTH get their acts together and make this happen : MACC head answerable only to Parliment and the appointment too must be vetted and endorsed by PARLIMENT.