Sunday, 2 January 2022

Digital Nasional Bhd : Perang dah Tamat

is a song from  Malaysia's missing in action, reclusive hip hop superstar Malique,  taken from his as at todate last album  TKO : Pejamkan Mata.

COULD it be lights out, 

for a red group hot internal group,  which had tried to undermine Ismail Sabri's ability to make  decisions as Prime Minister.

Di desa bunga mekar
Di bandar bangunan tegar
Bunyi mercun bunga api gantikan bunyi bom dan mortar
Apakah benar?
Perang dah tamat
Kita selamat
Kabus dah hilang
Perang dah tamat

The 5G war to bring back Huawei Into relevance, seems to have the life taken out from its fight,  which if had succeeded,  would result on 100 per cent government owned entities,  backtracking 
 on some RM12. 4 billion worth of contracts signed with foreign multi nationals 

DNB not only promises  bring connectivity, but a once in a life time shot to bring  equality for everyone.

Where the Dasar Ekonomi Baru failed,  the digital plan by Digital Nasional Bhd, can help overcome without stepping on anyone's toes or head.

Lights out/ Game over,  call it whatever you want. He said in the last days of 2021, as well as in Novembet 2021 READAs Prime Minister, Ismail Sabri aims to bring back to life his pet rural urbanisation agenda by providing adequate infrastructure and connectivity to Rural Malaysia