Tuesday, 25 January 2022

DAP, PKR : Don't Forget Your roots

is a song released in 2011,  from New Zealand rockers 60six,  which was a top 5 hit in the country.

DAP and PKR,  should have a close listen to this song,  and understand why,  many have already given a walk over to BN when GE15 finally hits us.

Don't forget your roots my friend
The ones who made you, the ones who brought you here
Don't forget your roots my friend, yeah
Don't forget your family, yeah
Don't forget your roots my friend, yeah

DAP and PKR seems to be the spokesperson for big businesses.  So don't blame the rakyat,  if we seek shelter from the storm from the likes of Najib Razak.

Where was DAP and PKR when the government ended the 1GB  free internet data for the common men, specifically the B40 man on  December 31 2021? No where in sight.

But today, Lim Guan Eng has turned spokesman for the middle class and  business class.  READ :  Lanjutkan moratorium pinjaman bank 6 bulan lagi kerana Ekonomi masih lemah, kata DAP.

If what DAP says is true,  then why did Anwar Ibrahim alienate the Malay vote bank by stating READ :  Pengeluaran KWSP tidak boleh diberi laluan mudah: Anwar.

Has PKR become all about big business,  to the extent that Fahmi Fadzil, it's MP for Wangsa Maju can openly lobby for Maxis, Digi and Celcom. READ : The unofficial spokesman for the telcos