Saturday, 15 January 2022

Here is the RM71.18 a month rescue to counter UMNO Youth: Life So Hard

is a track taken from,  DJ Screw's It's All So Good album which  was released in 1998.

If you are wondering who the heck is DJ Screw,  well he is regarded as among the most influential DJ of all time,  having  invented  the  chopped and screwed technique, which the Tik Tok generation calls Slow and Reverb.

Spin masters @ Putrajaya, 
best be working overtime,  or their pay masters might soon get screwed ,  by being chopped  for being Slow to react to the slick ONE of  RM10k  withdrawal  from  EPF campaign 
by UMNO Youth,  which apparently reverb's  with the common man. READ :  Lebih 97% mahu i-Citra RM10,000, menurut kajian Pemuda Umno.

You been played
While you starvin' and broke
They pullin' six figures
Oooh, what can you do
When you can't trust your crew
Time to bust out

The counter argument  put forward by Tengku Zafrul today is dissapointing at best . 

 Zafrul could have done better,  by challenging the sample size of the UMNO Youth survey rather than  READ : To ensure the welfare of the people is taken care of, (under) Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia, the government has allocated RM8.2 billion to be distributed to 9.6 million recipients

Take  RM8.2 billion and divide it with 9.6 million people and then divide it by 12 months ,  what you get is  RM71 and 18 sen.