Saturday 16 December 2023

Bersatu's cyber team have blown up on their own face

BERSATU's hugely popular, vocal and influential cyber team has basically self destructed, blowing up on their own face.

SOME say money is the root  cause of their down fall, while others say from the beginning much of the team had two or three masters to begin with.

WHATEVER the reasons, it seems Rafizi Ramli has the strongest claim from my point of view in ensuring their demise. READ : From out of the blue, Rafizi Ramli challenges YB Viral to a one on one debate.

WHILE Rafizi Ramli is not the information chief of Parti Keadilan Rakyat,  a post currently held by Fahmi Fadzil, its an open secret that Rafizi Ramli's Invoke Team have devastating cyber capabilities of its own.

FROM the Cheras restaurant brawl involving Mohamad Shafiq Abdul Halim to Dayangku Intan's police report READ : against the satire site harakatdaily, the BERSATU cyber team instead of creating news have become the news.

WITH Papagomo, formerly financed by Khairy Jamaluddin now totally READ : discredited, by the Royal Malaysian Police, the latest body blow to the cyber team comes with the unmasking of VIEW : Sarbu Singh.