Friday 29 December 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The dark side of the Sarawak Cable Moon

RUSSELL Walter Boyd's too many hats in Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd, will haunt him in the Sarawak Cable Bhd, corporate exercise, which has brought in some very big international names, that has a cloud hanging over their integrity.

 BEFORE, I elaborate a bit more about the former Creado executive Russell Walter Boyd , lets look at the new entrants in the  PN17  cable manufacturer Sarawak Cable Bhd.

FOR those expecting the new white knight of Sarawak Cable to offer the Bursa Malaysia folks a cable rescue story, I am afraid you are going to be disappointed, as they are going to offer the market A BLUE CARBON, story where the numbers are going to be TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE .

NOW, lets look at the personalities involved.  Meet VIEW : Takeo Hirata , a former special advisor to the Japanese Cabinet, who fortunately for us, did not take the noble Hara Kiri route, after he was exposed  READ : as the special cabinet advisor promoting the Tokyo Olympics who took golf lessons with tax payers money.

TAKEO Hirata is currently a director at Techmet Ltd, which is 15 per cent owned by the US Government and knows a thing or two about  the blue carbon business.

NEXT, meet READ : Rafat Ali Rizvi, the 63 year old which Sarawak Cable informed Bursa Malaysia as being responsible READ :  for helping the Glasgow Rangers Football Club from adminstration in 2012.

BACK in the day, Rafat Ali Rizvi's involvement with the Glasgow Rangers even got the attention of the Indonesian Government. 

NOW with all this outstanding global citizens in one boardroom, surprisingly Russell Walter Boyd seems to be able to hold his own. 

FOR the record, HsBio is the so callled healthcare arm of Hong Seng Consolidated which VIEW : had a mega deal with Russell Walter Boyd which never really took off.

LOOKING at the personalities involved, the on going Sarawak Cable deal is one which not only the SC and Bursa Malaysia should keep a close eye on. Others who might be interested to know exactly what's cooking, should  be The Special Branch and the Military Intelligence .