Wednesday 27 December 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The Trojan Horse Virus

THE Trojan horse computer virus is a malware that disquises itself, as a legitimate programme to gain backdoor access to corporate systems, with the intentions of information gathering, and  aquiring  sensitive assets.

ULTIMATELY, the aim is for POWER, which is only attainable, has ultimate control. In a parliamentary democracy, that means having enough money to do spy work, to either intimidate or downright purchase the loyalties of targetted member of Parliaments.

ASSUMING, if the rumours going around town are true, that there are parties who intends to destabilise Anwar Ibrahim's hold on PutraJaya, because they fear that their past is very close to catching up with them,then they will definitely require Trojan Horses, to help them access vast amount of money.

THERE are GROWN MEN from both sides of the political  divide, who actually believe that READ : RM750 million will be literally be banked in from Europe. or even brought by an aeroplane to undertake this covet illegal action.

DO note Hong Seng's market capitalisation had risen close to RM8 billion due to massive corporate deals in Kedah which the current Kedah MENTERI Besar READ : Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor has on record stated he knew one year in advance, that it might not HAPPEN.

TODAY, Hong Seng's market capitalisation is just above RM 100 million after all of its mega money in the bank  annouced deals did not materialise.

INTERETINGLY,  one of the main actor in at least two of Hong Seng Consolidated's mega deals that turned out to be HOT AIR is READ : the caucasian Mandarin speaking journeymen Russell Walter Boyd the this year appointed CEO of Sarawak Cable Bhd.

IS it a co incidence that out of the blue there is a white night for the PN17 Sarawak Cable, pushing up the stock price to crazy levels, with volume in excess of 190 million shares yesterday, despite the fact those are trading on the stock, are doing so on a CASH UP FRONT BASIS WITH ZERO MARGIN ALLOWED!.